With an estimated population of 3,400,000 Jeddah is the main commercial center of Saudi Arabia, which has been a trading port for centuries. Jeddah is known in the kingdom for its restaurants, shopping districts, cafes and government offices.

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Business in Jeddah

Due to its strategic positioning, Jeddah has been a commercial hub for centuries, this which is evident in the cosmopolitan mix of habitants whom must have crisscrossed while engaging in one form of business trade or the other centuries ago. Jeddah provides unique business opportunities amongst other valuable endeavors attainable in this ancient city.

Spiritual journey

Being the main entry point either by sea or air into the holy city, pilgrims making the annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, (which are known to be the two sacred cities of Islam) this makes Jeddah a well-traveled destination within the Saudi kingdom

Tourist attraction

Tourists looking for cheap flights to Jeddah to explore the tourist destination of this wonderful city are in for a ride as Jeddah hosts the Corniche which is the waterfront area, known as the largest in the kingdom and which houses hotels, resorts, and beaches. The crumbling buildings made of corals also provide a spectacle for tourist to gaze at, especially in the old town of Al-Balad. Scuba diving can be a way for tourist to have some fun while In Jeddah as t is strategically located on the red sea.

Since Jeddah is located in a Muslim country where alcohol is prohibited however night life can only get more interesting with the availability of cafes and also a large variety of coffee shops all over the town.

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