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Do you know that options areunlimitedin availing the cheapesttickets and shortest flying itineraries? There are many airlines that offer discounted tickets and the journey takes lessertime. With all-inclusive knowledge and data about a huge number of airlines and their special offers for different travellers on numerous occasions throughout the year, we offer you best options.Our services are hassle free. You can book your ticket through a phone call only and then make the payment as conveniently you agree with us. You can send us an email too for a more confirmed booking butboth modes of booking are equallyvalid.

We can arrange for you the nearest flight possible if you have an emergency travelling program. Whether you are travelling to a domestic destination or flying abroad, we neverrun out of tickets or other travelling options. For holidays, our packages are supreme. We adhere to provide you real pleasure of holidays by making all the arrangements from tickets, bookingand accommodationuntil you return home safely. We tailor the entirepackage according to your individual requirements and find cheapest optionsfor you.So contact us for easy, on-time and convenient booking for any destination worldwide or in-country.

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Fr 39,500 pkr

Fr 43,000 pkr /Per Person

Fr 45,000 pkr

Fr 49,500 pkr

Fr 39,500 pkr

Fr 53,500 pkr

Fr 54,500pkr

Fr 55,500pkr

Fr 58,500pkr

Fr 62,000pkr

Fr 64,500pkr

Fr 64,500pkr

Fr 73,500pkr

Fr 77,000pkr

Fr 78,500pkr

Fr 79,500pkr

Fr 82,500pkr

Fr 94,000pkr

Fr 121,500pkr

Fr 77,500 pkr


Fr 127,500pkr

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